Pedigree of Ch. Crystalpine's Pearls and Lace

Born: September 15, 1992
    Ch. Racha de Villa Sainval
    Int. Ch. U'Sam de Villa Sainval  
      Soraya de Villa Sainval Buthiere
  Fr. Int. Ch. Pablo De La Buthiere   Ch. C&D's Arch Hero of Tornai
    Fr. Int. Ch. Natacha de la Buthiere  
      Ch. India de la Buthiere
Ch. Demiwatt de Franbel     Ch. Oscar des Bichonnets
  Fr. Int. Ch. Simoun de Lyland de Crepenloup.   
      Oltene de Lyand de Crepenloup
  Ch. Antoninette du Lyand de Crepenloup    
      Ch. C.D's Arch Hero of Tornai
    Oltene de Lyand de Crepenloup  
      Mado de la Buthiere
      Int. Ch. Pablo de la Buthiere
    BIS Am. Can. Ch. Snopuff's Ami de Neigenuveaux  
      Susaru's Charm of Carealot
  Ch. Neigenuveaux's As You Like It    
      Ch. Valepark Special Edition
    Ch. Kenningway's Heaven Forbid  
      Ch. Kenningway's Pennies from Heaven
Ch. Neigenuveaux's Waltzin Matilda     Ch. Crockerly's Beau Monde Moonglow
  Ch. Valepark Classic Masterpiece  
      Ch. Kenningway's Valepark Vivace
  Ch. Neigenuveaux's Tiffany Lace    
      Ch. Valepark Specila Edition
    Ch. Valepark Angelic Crystal  
      Ch. Monjoie Mai de Valepark


Lacey is owned and loved by Heather Wippler
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